Micro​-​Cosmopolitan Life

from Martians & Martinis by Chasing Shadows Productions



This is the Floor Show at the Blue Oasis Nightclub featuring Honey Moon, Starla Bright and Buddy Nova with Chorus.


Chorus: Micro-cosmopolitan life! Micro-cosmopolitan life!

Honey: Thanks to modern thinking everything is shrinking.

Buddy: The world is getting smaller by the minute…

Starla: Just take the mini-skirt and teeny French bikini…

Chorus: Micro-cosmopolitan life!

Buddy: It’s the Atomic Age, where everything is new.
We’re on the cutting edge. There’s nothing we can’t do.

Chorus: Micro-cosmopolitan life!

Honey: Instant coffee, minute rice, TV dinner, - must be nice! -
Everything is happening so speedily.

Starla: Supersonic turbo-jets will take you where you want to get to
Anywhere on Earth you may want to be.

Buddy: The Space Race, the Arms Race, the Rat Race, the Human Race…
What’s the hurry, Man? Don’t you worry. You’re still in first place.

Honey: Put on the Hi-Fi, let’s have a Mai-tai

Starla: Then we can limbo, with legs akimbo…

Chorus: Micro-cosmopolitan life!

Starla: The good guys in skinny ties put satellites up in the sky
to keep an eye on Russian spies and tell if he is telling lies…

Honey: Microscopic microphones in televisions, telephones
I tell you we are not alone, they’re listening so keenly…

Chorus: Oooh oooh oooh ooooh…

Micro-cosmopolitan life!

Buddy: We’re here as pioneers, exploring new frontiers.
If you can’t see what’s coming what is there to fear?

Chorus: Micro-Cosmopolitan life!


from Martians & Martinis, released June 1, 2021
Rachel Offer as Honey Moon.
Pamela Blackwood-Marques as Starla Brite.
Will Gillespie as Buddy Nova.
Chris Cracknell on organ and bass.
Will Gillespie on guitar, drums, percussion and chorus/harmonies.


all rights reserved



Will Gillespie Hamilton, Ontario

Will Gillespie is an award-winning singer-songwriter and playwright in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


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