Sergeant-Major Greg G. Gallagher of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police meets Special Agent Gary Garrison of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, when they are both investigating an alleged UFO sighting, strange lights over Niagara Falls, near the Canada/US border.


Gallagher: Let me tell you, friend, we’re in a sticky situation…

Garrison: (spoken) Oh, boy…

Gallagher: Working randomly in tandem, representing different nations…
If I may be so bold, not to scold you, let me mention my intentions…
For worse or better now we have to work together somehow…

Garrison: (spoken) Here we go…

Gallagher: Stick with me, when you are in trouble
Stick with me, I’ll be there on the double
You will see how good it can be
if you stick with me.

Garrison: (spoken) Oh, I’ve got a stick for ya…

Gallagher: If you’ve got a problem I can help you fix it
Me and you is just like glue, the way we sticks it
You and I… Just give it a try and stick with me…

Garrison: (spoken) No offence, Pal, but this ain’t gonna happen.
You and me, we just don’t work.

Gallagher: (spoken, cheerily) Well, if we don’t work, then…We. Don’t. Work… Get it?

(sung) Working as a team can be a dream come true…
Even if it’s not, we’ve got a job to do.
Please don’t raise your voice…
You have a simple choice…
Don’t get annoyed. You can be unemployed or you can stick with me.

Garrison: (spoken) So, I’m stuck with you?

Gallagher: (spoken) Now you’ve got it!

Garrison: I’m stuck with you.

Gallagher: Just in case you forgot it.

It wasn’t how you planned it, now it’s out of your hands.
We’re nothing but the casualties of circumstance.
Just because we represent adjoining lands

you have to - Garrison: I am -

Gallagher: Stick - Garrison: Stuck -

Gallagher: With - Garrison: With -

Gallagher: Me! Garrison: You…

(song ends) (spoken) Wanna get a doughnut?

Gallagher: Okie dokie.


from Martians & Martinis, released June 1, 2021
Larry Smith as Sergeant-Major Greg G. Gallagher,
Matthew Lazaris-Brunner as Special Agent Gary Garrison.
Chris Cracknell on bass and piano.
Will Gillespie on guitar, drums, percussion, ukulele and vocal harmonies.


all rights reserved



Will Gillespie Hamilton, Ontario

Will Gillespie is an award-winning singer-songwriter and playwright in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


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